The body of work that Gina’s has produced since her graduation in 2005 from RMIT Melbourne (MFA) has been 
based on light and the perception of time.

Gina’s architectural training and career has subconsciously directed her to use materials sympathetic to 
both architecture and the fine arts, materials such as laser cut steel, glass or Perspex and even the 
New Zealand classic; corrugated iron. The skill is to balance the coldness of these materials with the 
warm (and mesmerising) slowly changing light.

As with the traditions of abstract painting, the foci of Gina’s work is on time and space, as she aims to 
create a protracted and more intense viewing experience. It has been commented that if someone was to spend 
enough time spent in aGina Jonesexhibition they would feel themselves being subjected to a sense of 
relaxation and timelessness.

The objective of Gina’s work is to create an extension of the viewing experience.  Even though you know that 
the colour (in the work) is changing,the change occurs so smoothly that it defies conscious registry and so 
a synaesthetic response to the primary light colours occurs.

Gina has consistently integrated 3D qualities into her work.  The illusion of depth captures the viewer and 
ultimately invites contemplation.